What does this church believe in?

We believe in and share the same Christian faith as taught by Jesus Christ and the Apostles, and as expressed by Martin Luther and the other Lutheran church fathers. We hold Holy Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, as the inerrant and wholly inspired Word of God. We believe the Christian faith is accurately summarized in the historical Lutheran confessions.  For more information, please visit our beliefs page. 

What do I need to do in order to be baptized?

Speaking according to our beliefs... NOTHING!  Baptism is God's gracious gift to you!  The normal way we celebrate this gift is to contact one of the pastors.  If it is a child who will be baptized, the pastor will meet with the parents or caregivers to discuss our beliefs and how that Baptism is carried out as part of a worship service.  With an adult, the baptism is normally done as part of our New to Trinity class which is described on our how to join page.  

How can I become a member?

To help you learn more about Trinity and what it means to be a meaningful part of God's church family, we offer a special class led by both Pastor Art Hill and Pastor Mark Dahn entitled, "New to Trinity". This informative class provides the best way for you to learn about our beliefs, vision, history, and various ministries we offer. It is designed to help you in your decision-making process of deciding on a new church home.  For more information, please visit our how to join page.  

Does the church provide counseling?

Trinity does not employ counselors in the sense that a staff member is trained and licensed.  Members of our ministry staff do some counseling as part of their care-giving.  The pastoral staff has a basic level of counseling training.  For situations or issues become beyond their training or ability, they keep a list of local recommended referrals.  

What can I do if I have a family crisis?

There is always a pastor on-call for pastoral conversation and care.  During office hours, you can call the church office at 903.593.1526.  Outside of those hours, you can page one of the pastors through that same office number by following the menu prompts.  

What are the church office hours?

Normal church office hours are from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. During the week, the building is almost always open by 7am and is secured in the evenings as soon as the last scheduled activity has concluded. All facilities remain secured on Saturdays unless specific church or Early Childhood Ministry events have been previously scheduled.   

Where is the lost and found?

Trinity's lost and found is located in the hallway between Pastor Mark's and DCE Karl's office.  You can contact the church office at 903.593.1526 if there is a particular item you are looking for.   

Can I listen to previous sermons online?

Yes, you can listen to previous sermons on our listen page.