Room 101 Infants…The Bouncy Bunnies

Teachers: Dwindy Hart, Barbars Riggle, Gloria Holly, and LaKasha Peterson

The Infant Room can hold 10 babies between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 months and is staffed with four teachers. We have the room split in half with the non-mobile babies on one side and the movers and shakers on the other side. These little ones spend most of their time playing, eating and sleeping in their room but they love their daily buggy rides out and about and spending time out in the yard playing in the grass!



Room 103 Walkers…Bashful Bears

Teachers: Jylyn Hall, Sandee Sachse, and Jordan Burch


The Walkers Room can hold ten babies between the ages of 12 months and 18 months. These babies are busy learning sign language, trying to sleep on mats for the first time, attempting to feed themselves, scribbling on paper, reading books and growing lots of teeth! The Bashful Bears get to go on multiple buggy rides throughout the day plus they love playing in the gym and on the playground!



Room 105 Toddlers…Tumbling Turtles


The Toddlers Room can have up to ten children between the ages of 18 months and 24 months. These big kids start walking on a rope to go to snack and lunch in the lunch room! They love playing outside or in the gym twice a day. They have Jesus Time every morning except Wednesdays when they get to go to Chapel and sit in the front row. The toddlers love to sing and have even learned to do the actions for the Invocation with Mrs. Aimee!



Room 104 Young Twos…Zippy Zebras

Teachers: Jasmine Freeman and Emily Mobley

The Young Twos Room can have up to 16 children in their room. This class loves to play hard whether they are in their classroom, in the gym, or on the playground! They love reading books, painting, doing project, having Jesus Time every morning and going to Chapel on Wednesdays. Every day is a new adventure with the Playful Puppies!



Room 107 Older Twos Young Threes…

Teachers:  Denise Hampton & Emily Bartmess

The Older Twos/Young Threes can have 15 children in their room. They too love playing hard in their room and outside but also these friends enjoy reading books, doing “messy art” and other fun projects, having circle time, having Jesus Time and going to Chapel!



Room 113 Mid Threes…Laughing Lion

Teachers: Lauren Trewin & Charlisa Wright


The Mid Threes can have up to 15 children in their room. They are working on drawing people, learning letters, colors and shapes and lots of playing in and outside! They also love Jesus Time and going to Chapel on Wednesdays!



Room 114 Threes…Proud Panthers

Teachers: Rachel Branham & LaShaundra Campbell

The Threes can have 15 children in their room. Friends in this classroom are learning how to spell their name and recognize what their name looks like. They are starting to learn letters with the Letter People and write their name. These friends love to play inside and out, do craft projects, have Jesus Time and go to Chapel!



Room 102 Older Threes and Young Fours… Mad Monkey’s

Teachers: Isabella Chi,Terri Stamps, and Tamra Kennedy

The Older Threes/Young Fours can have 25 children in their room. They are also working with the Letter People to learn how to recognize what their name looks like, how to spell it out loud and even starting to write it on paper! They also do all kinds of fun activities, craft projects, Jesus Time and going to Chapel.



Room 116 4/5 Pre K…Joyful Jaguars

Teachers: Tawanna Coble & Megan Morrison

Our Pre K can have 25 children in their room. In Pre K students are preparing for Kindergarten. They are studying the Letter People more in depth as they are learning that letters have sounds and words are made up from letters. In addition to playing in centers, doing craft projects, reading books, going outside or in the gym, having Jesus Time and going to Chapel the Pre K class also gets to go to the church library (located in the Sampson House) to hear a story once a month. Pre K leads a Christmas and Easter Service and goes on one field trip in the spring. For those heading off to Kindergarten we have a Graduation Service in May but students are able to stay with us through the summer up until the first day of Kindergarten.