jesus time and chapel

Eyes on the Cross

Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Ministry is a Christ center school where Jesus is at the core of all that we do. It is because of what He has done for us that we can live out His love throughout our day at school.  We believe that faith development begins at infancy so each classroom has their own special form of Jesus Time every day.



Faith Development in Children

Infants come to know the love of Jesus through the love they feel through parents and primary care givers. Our teachers are showing them Jesus love each time they snuggle, rock, play or provide daily needs like food and clean diapers. As infants learn to trust those adults around them their spiritual development is beginning.


As babies grow into toddlers and two year olds their faith development is taking shape quickly. They identify Jesus as their friend who loves them. They can sit for small amounts of time to listen to a Bible story and love to hear it from colorful books or puppets. They love to sing songs about Jesus. Even if they cannot sing the words, giving them actions to each song allows them to participate actively.


The faith development in three year olds thru Pre K is a constant desire to learn more. Children at this age know who God and Jesus are. They feel God’s love and care for them and they look at Jesus as their friend. They know that Jesus loves them but as they see for the first time others doing bad things to them they need to hear that Jesus still loves them even when others don’t treat them nicely. Children at this age begin to feel guilt for doing wrong and it is valuable to encourage them to admit they were wrong and ask others and God for forgiveness. At this stage children are beginning to understand that praying is talking to God. They can repeat simple prayers and begin to make up their own personal prayers. Children love to hear and see Bible stories acted out or told to them and you will often hear them singing loudly and enthusiastically as a part of their worship life.



Jesus Time

Besides providing for their daily needs Jesus Time for Infants and Walkers consists of singing Jesus songs and doing I love you rituals. Each classroom has pictures of Jesus and books about Jesus in places that children can interact with them. They feel God’s love through the love of their teachers.

Starting in the Toddler Room (18-24 months) Teachers will teach a 15 minute Jesus Time in each classroom right after students return from morning snack. The lessons are adapted from Kingdom Quest to be age appropriate for each classroom. There is one story or theme per week and some stories are done over the course of a few weeks. The lesson consists of a puppet show, a story book, acting out the story and a mystery box that holds different things to retell the story. In addition to this lesson the teachers also do a special art project and play a game with the children throughout the week that will reinforce the take home point for that week.




On Wednesdays Mrs. Aimee leads chapel for all classes to attend. We sing lots of fun Christ centered songs that are easy to memorize words and actions. During Chapel we do a special message that highlights the Jesus Time theme for that week. These messages are led by Mrs. Aimee, DCE Karl, Pastor Mark, or Pastor Art. Besides singing the children say the Invocation all together, pray together, and celebrate birthdays! We even have a special way to say goodbye at the end of each Jesus Time and Chapel…”May we praise God in all we do and always remember that Jesus loves you!”