for parents


Keeping your children safe is one of our most important jobs at Trinity. One way we do that is keeping our door at the end of the hallway locked all the time and the only way to enter is with a key card. Every family should have at least one key card. If you need a new one please come to the office and ask for a new one to be made. There will a $5 charge for each new card issued. When you return the key card you will get your money back. Please do not hand your key card out to just anyone. Be sure you trust whomever you are asking to pick up your child. When entering the door with your key card please be aware of those you let in behind you. If they don’t have their key card encourage them to go around through the front door and stop by the office before picking up their student. It is better to error on the side of safety in these situations. The front door is only unlocked from 9 AM-6 PM because that is when we have someone sitting out at the desk by the door. The church volunteer and other church staff ensure that they know everyone that walks through the door. If you arrive before 9 AM remember that your key card will work at that door as well.


Using Procare as our checking in and out program has proved to be a success. Yes, we have had bumps along the way, but all in all it has made our school and your children even safer. Procare prints out a receipt when you check in and out so please remember to do it every day unless otherwise noted. If you need someone else to pick-up or drop off your children please make sure the office knows ahead of time and that person is listed on your child’s paper work. We ID all first time pick-ups and if the name does not match any name on the child’s list of approved pick-ups the office staff will notify the parents before the child is released. Please be in communication with the office so they are always aware of any changes that are made.




The State of Texas does not allow the center to keep sick children. Parents must secure alternative child care for sick children. Please notify the school if your child is not going to be in attendance. In the event that the child has a contagious illness, the parent/guardian will notify the center. The child will not be allowed to return until all danger of contagion is past.


Please, for the health of your child and others, do not send your child to school if he or she is ill. Every child should be inspected at home each morning before he or she associates with other children in the school. The director or teacher has the authority to refuse your child if he/ she sees signs of illness. If your child becomes ill while attending the center and is sent home with a fever (100.0), the fever must be gone for 24 hours prior to returning to school. Since a portion of our program is outside, a child that is not well enough to be outdoors, may not attend school. When a parent is called to pick up a sick child, they must be picked up within one hour.