Trinity Lutheran Church exists for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel through outreach and by feeding the sheep of Jesus Christ.


To that end, the Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Ministry (ECM) as an extension of the congregational ministry, provides child and family avenues for applying the Christian faith in all learning and playing situations. This is accomplished through:


  1. A relevant WORSHIP of the Triune God, both in classroom and chapel setting.
  2. NURTURING in a biblically-based curriculum which complies with or exceeds standards, as set forth by the State of Texas.
  3. A program to prepare the child and family for effective OUTREACH to those who are not a part of the family of God.
  4. A FELLOWSHIP ENVIRONMENT which fosters social relationships that demonstrate a genuine caring for one another.
  5. A development of the child and family for an active role of SERVICE in the classroom, the church, and the community.


As the home is God’s environment for the “training of a child in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6), the ECM is an extension of that environment in its assistance of the Christian family. Our children are an important and integral part of the Body of Christ. We cherish the opportunity to be instrumental in the growth process for them and their families.