small groups

Everyone wants to know a few people really well. Likewise, we all want to be known by a select few. It makes us feel connected. It fulfills our need for community. It’s especially important to meet this need as a church grows larger, so everyone feels a part of the group. Ministry is all about people...and when people are given the opportunity to care for one another, everyone wins!  That’s what Trinity's LIFE groups are all about: caring for people! The letters reflect our congregation’s commitment to Love, Involvement, Fellowship and Evangelism.


LIFE groups are home-based, member-led gatherings of 6 to 14 people who meet regularly. Some groups are service oriented. Others have common interests which they share. All of our groups build one another up spiritually, and usually there’s some great food provided!


Because each person deserves to experience the love of God from the community of believers, we want everyone connected through our LIFE group ministry. Years from now, you will look back and see that this was one of the blessings for which you’re most thankful! Contact Trinity to learn more about a LIFE group for you! 


For more information, please contact Art Hill, our Senior Pastor or call the office at 903.593.1526.