my faith story

You have a faith story – God’s fingerprints on every part of your life by which He has shaped you into the person you are today. At times, you experienced God’s blessing and encouragement through the people and circumstances of life. Other times, you needed God’s forgiveness, grace, and strength in spite of broken circumstances of your life.


The worksheets below are designed to help you discover your faith story.  Open them.  Complete them.  Save them (follow instructions for downloading foxit reader below).  Reflect on the way God has shaped your life.  Then… remember that stories are for sharing. 


  • Please share copies with Pastor Art or Pastor Mark. They would love to hear from you and learn more to encourage you in faith. 


  • Share your story - and the entire process! - with extended family and friends. They can all access these same worksheets and exercises. You can all discover your story and share your faith at the same time!  (For ways to share with others in your home daily, check out our Faith4 ministry.)


seasons of life


who's at your table?


life's highs & lows


my spiritual life line



foxitreaderAll worksheets can be opened and edited with Adobe Reader. However, if you wish to save your edited PDF files, you need to use the free program Foxit Reader.  Please click here to download in order to save our PDF forms.