Faith & Life

Echoing our weekly worship theme, each post includes reflection points and discussion questions.  It extends God's Word and worship through your week.

Pastors Art Hill & Mark Dahn  

From Pastor Art's Desk

A monthly news article from the desk of our Senior Pastor

Art Hill, Senior Pastor

Beyond the God-Box

Worship is THE Gathering & God's gifts there are central.  But if you've compartmentalized faith so it's only there, that will destroy you.  You don't pigeon-hole God.  His blessing is for whole lives, always, everywhere...

Mark Dahn, Family Ministry & Outreach Pastor 

Parent Connection

These posts are meant to provide parents with the latest imformation on trends among teens that parents should be aware of and informed on. It also provides parenting tips and encouragment to help equip parents of teens to be the faith mentor in their child's life that God has created them and blessed them to be.

Karl Winkler, Director of Christian Education 

Early Childhood Ministry

Here you can stay up-to-date with everything ECM!  We will post the latest news as well as thoughts and devotions from our ECM staff.

Aimee Schutz, Early Childhood Ministry Director