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Call Committee (Convocation) for Senior Pastor

The expanded Call Committee of Trinity Lutheran Church exists to fulfill the congregation's constitutional requirements for the calling of the a pastor, also to shepherd with the interim pastor the incresded apprecaition in the congregation of 1) how this church family functions both according to the Bible and in actuality, 2) how that church family may function in a growingly healthy way, and 3) how such healthly relationships enable us to share Christ's Good News to others outside this church family. 


Offical Call Committee Members: John Goodwin (President), Chair; Al Leadaman (Vice-president); David Kittrell (head elder); Laura Lockhart (ECM); Larry Forwick; Peter Goodwin; Sue Saxenmeyer; Regina Wilson; (Craig Schinnerer Advisory Pastor); (Dennis Bragdon, Circuit Vistor)

"Convocation" Participants: Jana Anderson; Mike Berrier; Linda Kittrell; Steve Parr; Heather Stephens; Steve Tonjas; Karl Winkler

Other Invited Advisory "Convocation" Participants: Laura Kuegele, Jon Kuehl; Penny Robbins 

Timeline of Calling a Pastor
Call Committee Procedures (5-6 months)

  • Review of Pastor Profile (June 30)
  • Nominations of Candidates (July 5 - July 26)
  • Submission of Candidates (July 27) and Texas District's Research (August-September)
  • Trinity's Research and Interview of Candidates (September-October)
  • Presentation of Call List and Call Meetings (November)
  • Candidate's Prayer and Deilberation (December)
  • Candidate's move to Tyler (January?)

"Convocation" Research 

  • "Scripture and Study" - various topics, especially in the first two months
  • Survey? Interviews? Small Group Meetings? Congregational Meetings? 
  • Report? 

Special Projects: Demographics? Congregational Timeline? Congregational Map?