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Call Committee (Convocation) for Senior Pastor

Pastoral Candidate Questionarire form

The call committee is asking congregation members to submit questions for the senior pastor candidates by noon on Thursday, November 19th. The call committee will be reviewing submitted questions to be used in addition to the standard questions from the call committee during the congregational interview of pastoral candidates. The criteria of questions submitted should reflect information from the pastoral profile.  

Pastor Profile Summary: 

With respect to the skills and characteristics of Trinity’s next pastor, respondents indicated that the pastor should be:

  1. Skilled and energetic in preaching, teaching and worship leadership/contemporary and traditional
  2. Skilled in leadership development: enlists, equips, and motivates people to use their gifts to serve and develop others, including leadership of small group ministry, missional discipleship (“Joining Jesus on His Mission”), and passionate pastoral care of the elderly and homebound
  3. Skilled administrator and able to lead a multi-staff team ministry
  4. Visionary and skilled in working with congregational leadership in vision development and casting

With respect to the characteristics of Trinity Lutheran Church's, respondents indicated that Trinity is:

  1. Traditional and contemporary worship services - no blended service
  2. Supports active and traditional involvement of men, youth, and a stronger involvement of women in the ministry of the congregation
  3. Administration of the Lord's Supper is center left - accepts those who are instructed in what the LCMS believes and those who believe that the Lord’s Supper is the true body and blood of Jesus for the forgiveness of their since.
  4. Strong in its desire for community outreach, especially supportive of the church’s large preschool

Offical Call Committee Members: John Goodwin (President), Chair; Al Leadaman (Vice-president); David Kittrell (head elder); Laura Lockhart (ECM); Larry Forwick; Peter Goodwin; Sue Saxenmeyer; Regina Wilson; (Craig Schinnerer Advisory Pastor); (Dennis Bragdon, Circuit Vistor)


Timeline of Calling a Pastor
Call Committee Procedures (5-6 months)