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Belief Takes Shape Amid Unbelief

July 7, 2024 Pastor: Ben Prohl Series: The Shape of Belief

Jesus’ hometown rejects him. How could someone ordinary, whose family and story they’d known for thirty years, suddenly bring messianic good news to them? Who does he think he is? In contrast, the Twelve trust Jesus enough to be sent out, doing what he does in his name. They find many who believe and are thus recipients of Kingdom blessings.

  • Challenges: The notion that the finite can contain the infinite still challenges us today. Just as Nazareth couldn’t wrap their heads around the Divine in this ordinary kid with whom they grew up, we often dismiss the work of God because it is too ordinary.
  • Good News: Jesus and his followers are sent to your hometown! His teaching and his life-transforming miracles are a gift FOR YOU. As the Holy Spirit imparts faith to us, we are shaped by the Word of God.
  • Application: If you are a disciple of Jesus, you also are sent. You who are finite bear the One, True, and Infinite God. Trust him to provide for your needs through the community you serve. Lean into relationships and persevere in them. Discern where people are open to Jesus and where they are not. Call them to repentance and into the family of God!

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