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Worth It - Week 2

April 8, 2020 Series: Holy Week

Passage: Luke 23:44–24:8

Have you ever really messed up? That's a dumb question. Of course you have. We all have! It's not fun to think about it, but we've all done things that have hurt us, hurt others, and even hurt God. You can call it a mistake, but one of the words the Bible uses for it is "sin." It's sin (yours and mine) that led to Jesus' death. Maybe you're thinking, "Um, I wasn't alive 2,000 years ago — that was not my fault." But the truth is, Jesus died  and then rose from the dead so He could save us from our sin and its consequences forever. It's why we celebrate Easter! It's the day we remember that we don't follow a God who's dead. We follow a living Jesus who defeated the power of sin and death, now and forever. The Jesus who lives now lives in you.