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Atypical Family Week 2 - May 3

May 2, 2020 Series: Atypical Family

When's the last time you had a fight with a family member? This week? Yesterday? Today? There are a lot of ways our families are different, but every family has disagreements. Typical families might try to handle those situations on their own or just ignore the problems and hope they go away. But atypical families know they can't handle them on their own and ask for God's help. Kind of like this guy Abraham from the book of Genesis. He and his nephew Lot had such a big fight that they moved to different cities to get away from each other. But when Abraham found out Lot's life was in danger, he didn't hesitate. He asked God to save Lot's life, and God did. Not-so-typical families pray for each other. So who can you pray for today?