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for Adults

For Adults

God's Word is simply the source of who we are and the guidance for what we do.  The Bible provides both a reflection on where we fall short as well as a clear picture of God's Truth that sets us free.  While we love having great opportunities for children and youth to grow in God's Word, we know it is an essential for a congregation to have growing adults as well.  

Trinity's opportunities for adults to grow in God's Word include everything from personal devotional study to large-group settings.  One way we facilitate personal growth is by distributing Portals of Prayer devotion booklets.  These include short readings and reflections for every day of the year.  Hundreds are distributed quarterly in our worship settings.  For group study, we offer a vairety of ways for your to grow with other disciples from our Sunday morning Bible classes to LIFE groups that meet throughout the month. We also have three ways for you to intentionally grow deeper through Huddles. Huddles are a small group of 4 to 5 people that meet to encouage and challenge the way we are living as a disciple.  Either way, we are confident God wants to speak to you in His Word and guide and strengthen you for life.

For more information, please contact Pastor John Scheusner, our Senior Pastor, or the church office at (903) 593-1526.