Sundays at 8:30 am & 11 am, Tyler Campus | 10:30 am, Hawkins Campus 

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for Early Childhood Day School

Our Mission

Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Ministry is a ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church in Tyler, TX. Our mission is this: to develop life-long learners while connecting families to Christ.

We are licensed with the State of Texas and are accredited statewide and nationally through National Lutheran School Accreditation.

Jesus is at the core of all we do. We see things through the eyes of Jesus and want our students and families to hear the voice of Jesus. It is our goal to reach more than just the child - but the whole family. We host special events throughout the year to bring families together in the name of Jesus. We want families to have the opportunity to learn and play together. It is our privilege to find new and different ways to show families at Trinity the love of Jesus.

We are a teaching school, giving our students many opportunities to learn and grow throughout the entire day. In the classrooms, the hallways, on the playground and even in the lunchroom we are designed to create an atmosphere that fosters education. Our staff is trained to take advantage of every teachable moment so that our students are learning from the moment they arrive until the moment they go home.

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