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for Families

Big moments are an opportunity to….

                Celebrate our history,

                Clarify our present,

                And imagine our future.

Big moments are also an opportunity to…

                Remember God’s faithfulness,

                Celebrate God’s presence,

                And anticipate the future fulfillment of God’s promises.

If everyday moments are the pages of our lives,
big moments are the turning points in the story.


Milestone Ministry

We remember and/or celebrate key times in people's lives as a congregational family. The occasion is marked both in household relationships as well as when the Trinity family gathers together.  Below are some current examples of what we celebrate together: 

  • Holy Baptism - A child or adult is welcomed and celebrated as a child of God as we celebrate God's promise and they receive God's gift of grace. Offered thorughout the year. To set up a meeting for this milestone, contact Laura Kuegele or Pastor John
  • Worship (4 yrs) - Children receive their own worship bag with special books, activities, and a worship bulletin. 
  • My First Bible (K/1st) - Young children receive a read-to-me Bible from their parents. Families begin learning rythms of praying, blessing, and reading a Bible together. 
  • Bible Explorers (3rd grade) - Children begin to learn how the Bible is put together, who key people are, and how their story is part of God's big story. Parents "customized" their child's Bible with highlighted verses, notes, and special blessing.

Bible Arrival is an all church celebration for those families that participated in My First Bible and Bible Explorer's. Parents speak a special blessing over their child and present them with their child with the Bible given. 

  • Pre-Confirmation: Walk Through The Bible (5th/6th grade) - Students learn the plot of the Bible, how it's put together, key people, and how to use their Bible for personal growth and discipleship. 
  • Confirmation - In a special Banquet, young teens speak their faith and parents share their personal blessing and encouragment in faith.
  • Graduation - As students graduate from high school, parents publicly re-affirm their love for their child, identify God's special gifts in their child, and share their blessing for a new chapter in their lives.
  • Anniversary Celebrations - In February, married couples celebrating first anniversaries and anniversaries of every five years (5, 10, 15, ...45, 50, etc) are part of a special worship element that includes prayer, slide-show, and blessing.
  • Commemoration of the Departed - On the first Sunday in November, we remember and thank God for all our loved ones who have died - specifically naming those who have died in the previous 12 months.


Family Fun Events

Specific opportunities for children and adults to have fun together include such things as Fall Block Party, Jingle Jam, Easter Jam, Family VBS and Summer Jam.